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Icaro RX2


Icaro RX2

$ 4,795.00 CAD


The Relax was presented in late 2003.

Throughout these years, many modifications and adjustments have been made, fine-tuning its appearance and improving the flying performance of this fantastic hang glider.

The result is the RX2 (from RelaX2)     
New features include a one-piece leading edge without mylar pockets, just as on the most advanced models, a new keel pocket, a zip at the centre of the double sail surface, zips at the crossbar-wingspar junction, new leading edge sail tension straps, a new nose-cone, battens contained within the wing profile at the trailing edge, a tail fin (which has become a standard part), and a new sail design for a cleaner profile in flight.

Many other small improvements have been made to the frame (such as the adjustable wing-tip batten position) and a new colour scheme.     

The Sail

The wing’s undersurface features new graphic design and new colour combinations.

There are 15 designs from which to choose, for a hang glider that is both spectacular and unmistakable!     
9 new dark colors are immediatly available.     

The Frame

The finest tubing available is used, made from 7075 alloy, the same as that utilized in the aeronautical industry.

Our tubing is manufactured by extrusion, the process that guarantees the highest possible performance in terms of weight/strength and reliability.

Other features:

  • Profiled downtubes with rubber grip surface
  • Floating crossbar
  • Elliptical wingtips
  • Profiled kingpost
  • The two nose-battens remain in position at all times, and the nose fairing is semi-automatic (manually-fastening the top Velcro strips is not necessary).
  • Batten tips:  The snap-fit system is very efficient and easy to use. It enables sail tension to be fine-tuned.
  • Only six battens to be inserted for each wing.
  • An efficient tail fin prevents Dutch roll, above all during tow-launching.
  • The fin increases the hang glider’s stability, making it easier to fly straight.
  • The fin is easy to stow in the cover when the glider is packed.

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