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Bluetooth Cell Headset for Hang Gliding Helmets v3

Instinct Windsports

Bluetooth Cell Headset for Hang Gliding Helmets v3

$ 75.00 CAD $ 99.00 CAD

Read how we use them at Instinct for instruction, towing and XC flying with friends.

For crystal-clear two-way communication!  Slim speakers fit in any helmet.   Boom mic is easy to mount and works in both open-faced and full-face helmets.  

Electronic noise-cancelling mic eliminates all wind noise (and winch noise) so you can have crystal-clear, open-mic two-way communication with your winch operator (ideal for step-towing), instructor or other pilot.

We are putting these in all of our school training helmets so we can just plug a controller unit into them and use with any of our students.  It immensely increases communication and makes our training more productive and we also make these mandatory for step-towing as two-way, open-mic communication is vastly improved.

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    • What would I need for a complete kit? Charger? Headsets (presumably they are separate)? I would like a set of two, one for the winch op and one for the pilot, and maybe a third if I can afford for launch assistant (maybe they can just tune in on a phone? This is such weird timing, I was online looking at a bunch of these when the OZ report arrived.

      They come with a charger and headset in each box.

      The third person can be conferenced in on the telephone call no problem at all.  This is how we teach people to winch operate and how to step-tow.

    • Can these be used pilot to pilot to fly together ? Also, how many people can be on it at one time?

      I wouldn't recommend using the intercom feature for pilot-to-pilot communication.  It is only good for 1km...and after 600m or so, there is some static.

      They work great for unlimited distance through your cell phone.  Dropped calls happen but there is a nice big button on the helmet module to redial by press-and-holding.

    • My headset stopped working, can I get a replacement?

      Yes!  We sell them here

    • I lost my charging cable, where can I get one?

      We sell them here

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