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Quantum Parachute

High Energy

Quantum Parachute

$ 1,149.00 CAD


Quantum Series parachutes were originally developed in response to problems encountered by pilots due to the failure modes of the more efficient hang glider wings. The revolutionary round airfoil of the Quantum produced a parachute that not only utilizes the traditional drag of the canopy, but also gives 360 degrees of lift. This lift is angled in such a way that the inflated parachute is trying to fly away from itself. This accounts for the tremendous stability characteristics of the Quantum Series parachutes as well as the slow rate of descent. Today Quantum Series parachutes are not only used in the Hang-Gliding and Paragliding industry, but can also be found in state-of-the-art aircraft built for recreation, aerospace launch and recovery, and are also used by emergency rescue agencies.


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