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Various Litespeed parts


Various Litespeed parts

$ 150.00 CAD $ 4,500.00 CAD

Litespeed RX3.5 Sail - not many hours on this beauty.  A retired factory pilot sail.  It is CodeZero in amazing condition.  100s of hours left on it.

Litespeed S5 Sail This is just the SAIL.   Not a complete glider.  I do have many of the parts if you are interested (missing, outboard leading edges and battens)

Probably around 300hrs on it but PLENTY of life left.  Well worth the money if you want to renew your Litespeed S5 and keep it flying.  There is ZERO damage to the sail but the mylar is a bit yellowed due to age.  It has hasn't seen the day-of-light from about 2012 until now.

Mylar inserts are included.  Pictures were taking in the fall of 2017

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  • S4, Litesport4 carbon outboard leading edges with carbon sprogs - 2 in Stock
  • FAST basetube - 0 in Stock
  • RX 3.5 CodeZero Sail White TiOxide, Grey/Green/Lime - 1 in Stock
  • Outboard Carbon Dive Sticks S5 - 2 in Stock
  • Inboard Carbon Dive Sticks S4 - 2 in Stock
  • S4 Crossbars - 4 in Stock
  • S4, RX3.5, Litesport4 Aluminum Leading edge - 5 in Stock
  • S4, RX3.5, Litesport 4 Keel - 2 in Stock

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    • Hello Moyes Litespeed S5 Mylar sail is ok for Moyes Litespeed 5?

      It will fit fine but will require some minor battens alterations as well, likely in length and possibly a different camber.  If so, I would certainly recommend getting an S5 batten chart ($25) as well.

      I would be happy to split the cost of shipping with you. If you still have interest.

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