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WillsWing T2C


WillsWing T2C

$ 10,995.00 CAD
The Wills Wing T2C is the full competition version of the T2, and includes carbon rear leading edges and carbon sprogs in addition to other options available on the T2: all mylar top surface sail with special “UV-film” laminate sail material standard with Technora and Carbon laminate optional, carbon-kevlar leading edge pocket inserts, and an ergonomically-designed carbon streamlined basetube. (Pilots may “de-select” options if they choose to, for example by requesting an aluminum speedbar basetube instead of the carbon basetube, but the T2C glider price is not reduced for any included equipment that is deselected. The carbon rear leading edges and carbon sprogs are standard on, and only available on, the T2C, so a pilot who does not desire the carbon rear leading edges and sprogs should order the T2, and add options as desired from there.)

The T2C features the same superb handling qualities as the T2. In addition, the increased stiffness provided by the carbon components allows for lower twist and a commensurate boost in high-speed performance to match or exceed the most exotic factory works gliders you will compete against.

On July 3, 2012 Dustin Martin set the World Open Distance Record with a flight of 475 miles from Zapata, Texas illustrating the extraordinary performance potential of the Wills Wing T2C-144.

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