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Aero Tow Course

Instinct Windsports

Aero Tow Course


This course introduces aero-towing to Certified pilots. It includes all ground-school (theory), a brief written exam and wheel or cart launch winch towing to introduce Student or Novice certified pilots to aero-towing.

Once this course is successfully completed and you are approved, you are eligible to join either of the local Aero-Towing clubs. By the end of this course, if you are still not H2 (Novice) rated, you may have to continue to be accompanied by an instructor and regardless, the conditions you aero-tow in will be restricted to your level of abilities. The tow clubs are separate entity from Instinct Windsports but we work in close partnership with them (we're members ourselves!). Their fees are a $300 annual membership plus $30/tow to 2000'.

The prerequisite listed is Instinct's Certification by all means does NOT have to be our training. We will train any rated pilot to aero-tow. This course does take time to plan so please contact us with plenty of lead-time to plan for the training.

Instinct's requirements before taking this Aero-Tow course is:

  • complete all of the HPAC Novice rating requirements (including written test) except for the airtime requirement (4 hours), ground handling requirements (ability to do so in 25km/h winds) and the requirement to perform smooth transition from running to flying.
  • have individual HPAC insurance (not school insurance)
  • have 20 minutes of UNASSISTED air time (no tow line attached, tandem ok)
  • have 20 solo flights above 250m

Required Equipment (to actually try the tow)

  • pilots should have their own equipment to solo.  Instinct-enrolled students have their equipment included to get aero-tow signed off in their Full-Certification course
  • MUST have their own HPAC insurance
  • Barrel Release - aka "shoulder releases".  We recommend two, one for each shoulder
  • tow bridle - one 12' bridle of spectra or polypropylene AND one 6' bridle.  The ends need to have spliced loops - no knots
  • aero-tow release- we recommend and sell the Get-Off release

* a key skill in the success of aero-towing is having the experience flying your glider at its full speed and having 100% control over altering its course to the desired heading. Aero-towing makes us fly FAST on our hang prior to this course, practice flying VERY fast and carving fast, controlled turns to a desired direction.

What this course includes:

  • Instinct's AeroTow ground-school discussion
  • Instinct's AeroTow written test
  • dolly launching or built-in landing gear (castering front wheels + tail-wheel) experience

We have removed the inclusion of an aero-tow tandem within this course as some attendees may be competent and not benefit from a tandem.

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