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Vortex / Winch Towing Course


Vortex / Winch Towing Course

$ 50.00 CAD

This course's purpose is to inform you on how to tow with the Vortex - both from the Vortex operator's side and Instinct's best practices for being the pilot as well.

Topics Include:

  • Introduce Stationary Winch towing in its various forms 
  • Document Instinct Windsport's process for other flying communities to learn and benefit from
  • Educate the hang gliding community about the mystique behind the various forms of stationary winch designs to help potential winch buyers decide what winch they should consider for their needs (budget vs goals)
  • Detail the unique equipment and processes that have helped Instinct Windsports have a very successful, streamlined school
  • Document how to setup and operate the Vortex SmartWinch
  • Introduce the art of Step Towing and educate on our process and hazards

Who should take this course?

  • all Vortex buyers are required to take this course (free with purchase of a Vortex)
  • all pilots wanting to tow with the Vortex.  Vortex buyers should require all their pilots to take this course before coming out to tow to prepare them
  • any pilot wanting to find out what stationary winch towing is all about

This course is completely on-demand - you go at your own pace.  It keeps track of your progress and logs which pages you have read (which is why Vortex owners should require their pilots to take the the PILOT is accountable for knowing the information).

All modules will have commenting turned on.  Since this is a new course (as of Jan 2023), there may be some edits as it evolves.  Please ask any questions, make any suggestions and speak-up if you have a different way of doing things.  There is no one certified way to tow!

This is not an item we normally stock

Expect about 2-3 weeks for delivery upon placing your order or feel free to drop us a line to confirm how long it would take for us to get it in for you. Cost of shipping the product to us is normally included in the price you see here but at times extra fees are required.


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