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Trip to Valle de Bravo!

One regret was never making it to WillsWing's Orange California I just had to get down to see for my own eyes how Rudy was doing in the new WillsWing Mx factory in Valle de Bravo!  Mid-Canadian-Winter, the comp was on, I had holidays free...and it was time to pick up some new gliders fresh from the factory!

It was no surprise to anyone that it would take some time for the move to Mexico to happen, get set up, trained up and back up to speed.  After two years since the move, I felt it was time to go see how they were doing, and more importantly how the quality of their products are.  ZERO disappointment.

It was great hanging out with Rudy, Monica and the rest of their crew for the week.  Their entire crew worked so hard all week to make everyone happy...the doors at the factory seemed to be open the entire time.

These pics were a panorama taken from the sail loft (metal shop below this floor) and the assembly area is the second pic

It was very much help-yourself trusting environment - I quickly found my new ride in the rack of new gliders

I must say that I was reluctant on ordering new gliders right after their move.  Fortunately I didn't have any pressing orders for new WW gliders so was fortunate enough to wait for them to get in the groove.  I know pilots are anxious about getting new topless gliders but I commend Rudy and crew for taking their time about getting back to the T3s.  I reminded him that WW grew their offering of gliders from the bottom (of performance) up and he should do the same.

I picked up a new Falcon4-195 for a customer back home and a new Sport3-155 for myself.  I wanted to support Rudy in his new business venture and it was about time I gave the Sport3 a good test - prior to this trip, I only had 3 sled runs on some demo-days gliders.  I was going to fly a Sport3 in the Sport-Class Worlds in 2021 but....well...COVID got in our way of that event.

I couldn't have been happier with the construction quality of my new Sport3.  I tried REALLY hard to find anything wrong with the construction and visually went over all the stitch lines....I couldn't find one stitch out of place.  Here is a few pics of this beauty!

Slava (Glory to) Ukraine colours

And of course...a nice in-flight shot

(also note the new Predator brand of helmet I finally got a chance to fly with)

How did the Sport3 fly?!  Simply like any WillsWing glider - beautifully.  First off I noticed how light the glider was - lighter than any other glider in it's class and I really noticed it carrying it around launch and the landing fields.  Handling was super light in the air.  It launched really nice.  And I found it landed easier than the glider I am used to flying back home - it flared without effort!  I actually flared too hard a couple times when I didn't need to and it rotated into the flare almost too easily!  I stuck the keel on both those landings which is rare for me.

The WW MX team is hungry and waiting for your business - and they DESERVE it.  I decided to get the Sport3 rather late and they had no problem getting the glider ready for me for the competition.  They seemed to have some pre-assembled frames sitting there in the factory ready for sails to be ordered for them.

I have more confidence than ever in the WW MX team and wish them well and look forward to ordering more gliders from them real soon.  I only wish the transition to Mexico went smoother and they get the further support they need. 

Be sure to check out their new WW MX website they were forced to put together.  I am not sure what the future plan is for the past website....

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