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Learn to Hang Glide - Right here in Ontario - with Instinct Windsports

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Empowering Everyday People to Live Their Dreams of Free-Flight

Our Mission

Many people have a strong desire and dream to fly freely, and there is certainly no form of flying that is as vivid and pure as hang gliding. Very few people realize, however, that learning the sport is actually no longer that "extreme", but is instead quite attainable for most. We started Instinct Windsports for this reason, to empower everyday people to live their dream of free-flight!

Hang Gliding is:
  • Accessible. Everyday people can confidently and comfortably learn to fly and soar!
  • Affordable. A form of aviation that a person with even a modest income can enjoy!
  • Indescribable. Hang gliding is the purest and most exhilarating form of flying; as close as you can get to flying like superman or soaring like a bird!
Our Goals:
  • provide a safe venue for people to learn hang gliding
  • provide a variety of course to suit the needs of all fledgling pilots
  • provide sales & service of certified equipment
  • have fun while doing the above!

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