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Student Resources

New to Instinct but NOT a new pilot?  Coming back to the sport?  Read here

Training Booking Calendar - see the private Instinct Pilots FB group.

  1. As of 2024, we still don't have a permanent home so we rotate through a few sites as appropriate.  
    1. Fergus (Juergenson Airstrip) - faces 23-05, 700m long, 100' wide grass strip
    2. Yatton tow road - faces 20-02, 1km long gravel road.  Landing is on the road or rotating cut crop fields
    3. Hahn Farm - usually comes free mid-July.  Rougher crop field but can handle most directions
    4. SOGA - Aero-towing will be priority there as it is SOGAs primary focus.  The only direction for high winch-tows is roughly 23-05.  They also have an open 20 acre part of the field but they are no long enough for early students to get tows that are high enough to do circuits in light winds.
    5. Lucan (west of London).  Rarely used by us. A nice 1km grass runway.  Faces 26-08.
  2. Be sure to watch for updates on our Instinct Pilots FB group.  Assume that NO sessions are a go unless they are confirmed on there.  Feel free to ask for confirmation anytime.  We'd hate to see anyone waste their time and gas driving out to find out the session is a no-go.  If any doubts, txt or FB message Mark

Wind Forecasts Use the handy chart below to give an idea of the upcoming forecast for the next few days. We mainly want the light blue bars for the light winds we need and always want the gust factor to be minimal. Once you graduate, the gusts you can handle will be greater but we rarely even tow intermediate pilots in winds over 15kmh.