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Pneumatic basetube wheels - pair

Instinct Windsports

Pneumatic basetube wheels - pair

$ 120.00 CAD

We only use pneumatic (air-filled) wheels when training...and I never even recommend using the 8x2 model for students - the 10x3" model provided about 3x the cushioning.  I ordered them by mistake the first time, not realizing they even existed! 

Honestlym, the 10x3 have paid for themselves 10x over seeing the downtubes they have saved - for that reason, they are even better than the classic larger, hard plastic wheels....I threw all of ours in the dumpster!

We have taken it one step further and have developed hubs to fit the aluminum airfoil basetubes (both WillsWing and Moyes) as I have always cringed seeing progressing pilots try to figure out advancing to the next level of glider and losing the ability to use pneumatic wheels on their nice airfoil basetubes.  The only other options out there are hard, solid plastic wheels and provide zero cushioning.  The skinny Whoosh wheels are the worst - I have had to sell a few replacement basetubes only because the Whoosh wheels dented the basetube after a minor whack.

So the airfoil options here are made in-house.  They are first available for just WillsWing airfoil and Moyes FAST aluminum airfoil basetubes (summer 2021) for the 8x2" wheels.

Next (fall 2021) we will have 8x2" hubs for Moyes Carbon basetubes - an investment in these wheels can save you a $1000usd replacement carbon basetube.  

The WW carbon basetubes are too wide of a profile to fit the 8x2" wheels so we may make hubs for them for the 10x3" that point we may make 10x3 hubs for all versions - dealers and schools will want a pair of 10x3 wheels and hubs for any glider they let an advancing pilot test fly...

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  • 8"x2" / 1.125" (solo round/no VG) - 0 in Stock
  • 8"x2" / 1.125" (solo round/VG) - 0 in Stock
  • 8"x2" / 1.25" (tandem) - 0 in Stock
  • 8"x2" / Aluminum Airfoil (WW/NW/Aeros) - 0 in Stock
  • 8"x2" / Moyes FAST Airfoil - 0 in Stock
  • 8"x2" / Moyes Carbon - 0 in Stock
  • 10"x3" / 1.125" (solo round/no VG) - 0 in Stock
  • 10"x3" / 1.25" (tandem) - 0 in Stock
  • 10"x3" / WW Carbon - 0 in Stock

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    • Hi. Need a set of 8x2 wheels for a WW Sport 3 aluminum aero basetube. Can't put them in the cart because the button says "sold out". Any chance we can get a set of these? Will order them immediately if we can get a set.

      You can't add them to your cart because they don't exist...yet.  It is a project we are working on but haven't acheived success yet.  It has been a product missing from the HGing community we have been wanting to fill for quite some time.

      We are hoping to have them done by June 2023.  Stay in touch and I will try to keep you informed as well.

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