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Used! WoodyValley Flex2 3XXL/Blue


Used! WoodyValley Flex2 3XXL/Blue

$ 1,200.00 CAD

Both colored panels are in Blue - as in the images here.  The first two images are the actual harness.  The pilot is 5'8" 225lbs and it was custom ordered for him.  His 15-20 year old chute is included in the price.

The ideal entry-level pod harness.  Very light. Great balance (easy to get upright for landing).  Multi-point suspension for comfort.  Very streamlined due to the dual fiberglass spreader panels between the shoulder blades and hips.  Manual pitch adjustment cleat system included.  Drogue chute pocket included.

Side mounted chute requires much less effort to deploy compared to the velcro enclosure on the front-mounted-chute harness.  The two loops make attaching a 2-stage release much easier and stays clear of the side-mounted chute.

It does also include a padded Lexan breast plate to give added protection of your ribs in case of a bad landing on your chest (which I have never heard of anyone having that injury in the last 25 years of my flying).

The outer shell is made of name-brand 3M Cordura fabric.  VERY durable.


Sizing Chart for Flex2 Harnesses:

Wear light clothes while taking your measurements.  Wear the shoes you wear while flying.  Remeasure many times before confirming the order!

Length measurements (shoulder-to-floor):

1 2 3 4 5 6
Metric (cm) 133-138 139-144 145-150 151-156 157-162 163-169
Imperial 4'4"-4'6"
4'6"-4'8" 4'8"-4'11" 4'11"-5'1" 5'2"-5'4" 5'5"-5'7"

** top-of-head to floor should be 10-12.5" more than shoulder-to-floor, if not, your measurements are incorrect

Width measurements (chest & hip):

Metric (cm) 80-86
Imperial 31-34 34-36 36-39 39-42 42-45 45-48

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