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Tandem Wheels (Castering)

Instinct Windsports

Tandem Wheels (Castering)

$ 800.00 CAD

Instinct's own tandem wheels! When we don't like what we see on the market, we improve on them for ourselves....and then make more to sell! These are hundreds of dollars less than the WW/LMFP tandem wheels set and more than half the price of the Rascal wheels (which are a snag hazard if you step-tow and over-kill for shock-absorbtion if you aero-tow and land on a grass strip)

  • Lightweight design (7.5lbs each)
  • Aluminum forks
  • Acetal basetube blocks
  • unique, straight angled upright to rest right on the downtube instead of a bent aluminum upright
  • 10", solid hub pneumatic wheels
  • removable steering bar included on left wheel (right side reserved for release hand)
  • our Selfie camera mount can mount directly to the Acetal block

Not included:

  • bungee cords to affix upright to downtubes
  • we use shaft collars on basetube to keep the blocks in place, especially when breaking down the glider

The wheels can castor. We used to use off-the-shelf castors and weld on a bent upright. We found with the bearings in these castors, they swiveled TOO much in flight and often ended up angled or even sideways on landing - not smooth! So ours do not have bearings but castor easily on take-off due to the angle we have set them to, straighten out by lift-off and stay straight during flight in preparation for landing.


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