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Digifly AIRPro


Digifly AIRPro

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AIR PRO and AIR PRO PITOT the two new born in DIGIFLY house that represent the natural evolution of the Air series. Entirely designed, designed and manufactured in Italy, AIR PRO and AIR PRO PITOT are equipped with the most technologically advanced processors and sensors, including a noise-proof 99-channel GPS updated 10 times per second, a brand new Bluetooth module BLE / SPP for allow simplified interactivity with smartphones and tablets. The ultimate in avionics sensors, tested for the harshest temperatures and conditions, always ready to be shared on your network.

A PRO tool that accompanies you from the first flights, ranging from basic pre-sets to the most extreme customization of all functions.

The 'Thermal Tutor' with autozoom is a revolutionary function that is of great help in centering the thermal as it draws the thermal trace on the plotter with a variable thickness line: thinner in descent and thicker in ascent. In this way it is very simple and intuitive to find the "heart" of the thermal.

It is important to note that the AIR PRO models have a variometer that has been manufactured around an inertial platform unique in the world, consisting of 10 sensors (a barometric capsule, 3 accelerometers, 3 magnetometers and 3 gyroscopes) designed to cancel all effects. of inertia and imprecision that afflict the instruments currently on the market. This system is equipped with a Self-Adaptive Sensitivity that automatically modulates the sensitivity according to the type of conditions: increasing it in weak conditions and decreasing it in strong or turbulent conditions. This allows you to obtain a variometer with very high sensitivity, instant in response but at the same time fluid and immune to turbulence and highly sensitive in weak conditions thanks to its pre-thermal function.

Furthermore, unlike traditional variometers based only on the pressure sensor, it is not affected by false indications due to accelerations as in the case in which the pilot exits downwind of the thermal (where the traditional vario incorrectly indicate a lift).

The AIR models have a high visibility gray scale display, with a new graphic design that facilitates the visualization and management of 5D tasks.

The 5D (Digifly trade mark) is based on an ingenious graphic concept that arises from the merger of the 3D and 2D visualization and allows the pilot to check his situation during the task at a glance; but also those who do not compete, with this screen will be able to have an immediate idea of ​​the cone of efficiency necessary to reach the closest landing.

The new AirTools software is also available for the complete management of the instrument such as downloading tracks, inserting waypoints, routes, sound profiles, etc ...

The communication functions are:

  1. Bluetooth transmission of high-speed Digifly Telemetry data in real time to a smartphone or tablet in flight
  2. Bluetooth communication with the XCSOAR cartographic program for flight management.
  3. Bluetooth communication with the XCTRACK map program for flight management.
  4. Bluetooth communication with the LK8000 cartographic program for flight management.
  5. Bluetooth communication with smartphone or tablet for in-flight LiveTracking management.
  6. Bluetooth communication with the GpsDump program for Android installed on a smartphone or tablet to carry out the wireless management of the track download and waypoint loading / unloading operations.
  7. The Digifly AIR PRO PITOT model integrates the Pitot tube sensor.

The complete, lean and fast internal management program of AIR instruments derives from the know-how acquired by Digifly in years of competitions, and offers a block menu that facilitates the use of the instrument, the insertion of waypoints and the setting of the task.

For the whole AIR series you can download, free of charge from the internet, the aeronautical maps with the indication of the airspace in 3D (CTR) and the maps with the digital elevations of the terrain, which will be shown in gray scale on the detailed display of the instrument.

The high resolution of the display, the large availability of internal memory and the excess of computing power, allow you to listen and put into practice all the suggestions that come from its users and as for all Digifly instruments, all these updates of the firmware will give its pilots a state-of-the-art tool at no cost.

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