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TARGETcross Delta Light for Hang Gliders & Paragliders


TARGETcross Delta Light for Hang Gliders & Paragliders

$ 1,499.00 CAD

The sensationally light and small TARGETcross rescue systems by Tom Grabner are also available for hanggliders.

The most important features of the TARGETcross delta light at a glance:
• Reduction of weight and packing dimension due to high strength lighter material and dyneema lines
• Extremely low sink rates by lateral drifting of the cruciform canopy in diagonal direction and its pendulum-free condition
• Rapid deployment by fanned out canopy
• New type of inner container which makes deployment easier and minimizes the risk of tangling (cravats)

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    Ask a Question
    • Is this a steerable parachute?

      There are no steerable parachutes for hang gliders...mainly becuase our parachute's main bridle is much longer (to clear our wingspan) that it is impractical to have steering controls.

    • Quick qs: for a 160 Diamondcross with swivel what is the current delivery time? Would it be possible to add a handle to the container for a chest-mounted HG cocoon harness?

      I don't have any in stock so they would take about a month to get in and to you.

      It would have to be repacked into a deployment bag suitable for a front-mounted harness.  I do have some suitable dbag (with handle) but it would have to be tapered to suit the smaller size of the DC160.

      Your compartment may be too big for it as well as it is a very compact chute.  Some harnesses have an internal velcro strap that can be moved to allow the chute to fit nicely without moving around much.  Otherwise, your harness may need some altering.  I 'can' do it all if you want to send me your harness ahead of time as I do have an industrial sewing machine.

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