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New Selfie Camera Mounts for 2015

With over 100 sold world-wide and to fuel our ever-growing desire for Selfies, we thought we'd improve them for 2015!

Instinct Hang Gliding Selfie Camera Boom
A must watch video:

First off, we designed separate mounts for Carbon basetubes. They fit super tight and can be left on your basetube between flights. Our boom screws in to the base and can be panned at will during flight. The new design minimizes camera bounce. Wolfi and Jonas are the first to use these on their Rhythm of Flight project (


Secondly, we just finished a new, two-piece basetube mount for the WW Aluminum Airfoil base tube. These can't be slid on like the carbon mounts so we had to a bit more work to do on this one. It also clamps on to the airfoil base tube better to reduce camera bounce

WW Airfoil

Our new lineup of basetube mounts

WW Airfoil

Other changes:

  • reduced height to the boom - reduces side-to-side wobble (was never a big issue) & reduces cost of over-seas shipping!
  • changed the audio cable option from an internal cable/jack to an external (shrink-wrapped) cable with flexible ends on both ends (we kept breaking our Female jack by rotating the boom without disconnecting cable)
  • discontinued original airfoil mount
  • discontinued modular/extendable option
  • reduced prices of most configurations (especially the airfoil options)

New External Audio option (it's NOT carbon!). You may also note the reduced height of the curve compared to our previous offerings

Selfie with Audio

Availability - most components are in stock now or coming off the line this week. We were sold out of many items back in the fall and spend our winter upgrading to a new CNC machine and redesigning the above! Now that our flying season is upon us, it's time to get these new products out there and go flying!

Other basetubes - if you want a mount for your basetube that isn't listed, we'd be happy to offer those as well. WW graciously provided us with their basetube CAD profiles which greatly helped our design efforts but we still needed to test/alter/test on actual basetubes to ensure exact fit. So we are looking for chunks of broken basetubes for the following:

  • Atos carbon (already in the works)
  • Moyes FAST Aluminum
  • Aeros carbon
  • Icaro carbon

If you have a broken one please contact us to arrange sending us a chunk of it - we'll provide you with a complete Selfie Boom (configuration of your choice) for free!

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