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Now an official Moyes dealer

I'm happy to say that Instinct is now an official Moyes hang glider dealer. Mark has flown Moyes gliders exclusively since his first high performance glider back in 1998 and continues to fly a Moyes Litesport as his personal glider of choice. Moyes is known for it's high-end competition topless glider, the LitespeedRX, considered to be the Ferrari of the hang gliding world.

Moyes has also recently started producing and distributing the Metamorphosi Conar parachutes. Ryan and Mark have been flying with those reserve chutes for well over a decade but they haven't been manufactured for almost that's great news that Moyes has revived it's production after securing the rights to. They are the smallest chutes out there with an improved sink rate and a faster deployment time....and they've also even been tested to deploy safely at terminal velocity. Nick recently upgraded his chute to one in his side mounted WoodyValley Cosmic harness and it shaved two pounds off his harness weight and more importantly, removed a bulge in the inside of his harness from the chute pressing up against his ribs.

And now, as of today, Moyes has released the second-generation of their single-surface glider, the Malibu2!

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