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AltAir Instrument Pods - now available online

Instinct Windsports has just become AltAir's exclusive reseller of their fibreglass instrument pods.  Their pods are very unique!

For all instruments - until recently all pods on the market were only for the Flytec 6030....the de-facto standard for competition instruments.  However, there is now lots of competition in this market and AltAir currently has solutions for the Digifly Air and are close to releasing their covers for the Oudie, Volarium and Flymaster flight computers.  They say you can even print your own cover on a 3D printer if you have a custom instrument!

Interchangeable Covers - their Universal pod is designed with an interchangeable cover - if you change instruments, you don't have to buy an entire new pod....just buy a replacement cover!

SmartPhone Pods - the use of our SmartPhones as flight computers is becoming increasingly popular.  AltAir has solutions for them as well!  A standard pod just to house your smartphone, one with a booster battery pack and another one with a super-sensitive bluetooth vario and airspeed sensor!

You can order them online now in our Instruments section of our website or see all of just AltAir's products here

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