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In 1973 Icaro 2000 was the first hang glider factory in Europe.

Since 1983 we have always been committed to top quality, using only the best aluminium tubes in the aeronautic alloy 7075.

All our gliders are all certified by the DHV (Germany).

In 1992 Manfred Ruhmer starts to develop all new models and to win in competitions.

With the successful model Laminar Manfred starts to reach very important competition results:

5 times World Champion
4 times European Champion.

In a few years he will become the world's best pilot.
He wins again the world champion Hang Glider in 2013

In 2009 and 2011 Alex Ploner wins the world championships in Laragne, France and in Monte Cucco, Italy.

The Laminar, piloted by Alex Ploner and Manfred Ruhmer, has already won 6 World Championships as well as the first absolute distance world record at 701 km.

Today the Laminar model is at its 14th evolution grade.

Beside the top kingpost less model Laminar, we build all hang gliders categories, from the school and recreational glider to the intermediate, advanced and biplace models.

Icaro2000 will reach in 2014 the milestone figure of 10.00 gliders manufactured and sold, most of them being top-end models very successful in competitions

Icaro 2000 aims to improve constantly the technology, the performance and the overall quality in all his hang gliders models.