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Hang Gliding Selfie Stick - Camera Boom

Instinct Windsports

Hang Gliding Selfie Stick - Camera Boom

The perfect accessory for any action camera (Drift, GoPro, etc). The panning is one of a kind and allows you to get different angles during the same flight. Construction is top-notch - CNC'd HDPE Engineering Plastic and all hardware is high-quality stainless-steel (other than the aluminum "hook" for thr Classic Action Cameras).


This product is now only just the camera boom arm.  No basetube mount is included.  Please purchase that separately here (you get a 30% discount on the basetube mount when ordering it with the camera boom).  


  • 40" two-piece (retractable) carbon boom 
  • As of Fall 2022, the 360-Camera model now has a twist lock to adjust the boom length.  It can be adjusted in-flight
  • For the Classic Action Cameras, the outboard carbon tube retracts all the way inside the inboard section and you can pin it in 3 different lengths   It is NOT adjustable in flight
  • curved boom "hook" (for thr Classic Action Cameras) so the boom is mostly out of the picture.  For the 360-Camera option, it is a straight camera attachment so the stick becomes imvisible
  • simple standard tripod mount for easy mounting of the Drift and Imsta360 cameras - GoPros require their mount
  • rubberized clamp on round base-tube - it doesn't scratch your basetube, nor does it rotate
  • no need for supporting wire for any configuration
  • solo (1.125") or tandem (1.25") versions available
  • thumb-screws on bottom for tool-free installation
  • easy to operate top screw to rotate and tighten in position in flight
    • We strongly recommend using rubber O-ring/washer provided between boom and base and DO NOT over-tighten the could strip the tapped hole in the basetube block
    • Center mounted on base-tube is not recommended for towing operations.  The Moyes FAST model can be slid to the centre during flight.  Great for different angles during the same flight!
    • We recommend panning the boom to the side while tow launching.
    • We recommend panning the boom to the side while landing. Be warned, since our basetube blocks are so sturdy and stable, the carbon boom CAN break when pressed against ground if left straight out.  Trimming the broken rod is an easy fix and replacement carbon rods can be sent out
    • We recommend you use a lanyard on your camera
    • For best audio results, make a simple wind-screen for your microphone

For user reviews, comments and pictures and videos done with our Camera Boom check out our Facebook Page or our own videos (mainly step-towing tandems) on our YouTube page

Watch this 2017 season highlight of the carbon boom in action with the audio cable in action:


Watch this entertaining tandem video (2012) of the boom with audio in action.  This one uses the 24" aluminum boom in action.  Compare the field-of-view with the above video

Instinct Panning Camera Boom in action from Instinct Windsports on Vimeo.

We do ship World-Wide, however, our online shipping costs are set for North American orders only. If you are elsewhere, just place the order online, set payment terms to COD and we will get you an accurate cost of shipping and figure out payment from there. 4-6 week international delivery is roughly $35 and one-week service is around $80.

** The original GoPro and GoPro HD (pre Hero2) do not have an audio out jack. Just to be clear, the GoPro Hero2 has a 3.5mm audio jack built-in and the GoPro Hero3s need an audio adapter. To attach the audio cable to your GoPro, a hole will need to be drilled into your case.

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