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DIAMONDcross Delta Light for Hang Gliders & Paragliders


DIAMONDcross Delta Light for Hang Gliders & Paragliders


The sensationally light and small DIAMONDcross rescue systems by Tom Grabner are also available for hanggliders.

The most important features of the DIAMONDcross delta light at a glance:
• Reduction of weight and packing dimension due to high strength lighter material and dyneema lines
• Extremely low sink rates by lateral drifting of the cruciform canopy in diagonal direction and its pendulum-free condition
• Rapid deployment by fanned out canopy
• New type of inner container which makes deployment easier and minimizes the risk of tangling (cravats)

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    • Is this a steerable parachute?

      There are no steerable parachutes for hang gliders...mainly becuase our parachute's main bridle is much longer (to clear our wingspan) that it is impractical to have steering controls.

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