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Moyes April Newsletter

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2021 Paradise Airsports Nationals

Congratulations to Zac Majors USA 1st, Filippo Oppici Italy 2nd and our Tyler
 Canada 3rd at the 2021 Paradise Airsports Nationals.

Very exciting to see a big hang gliding comp under way in the USA.
Tyler flew his Litespeed RX3.5 Pro Ultimate after a long break from flying that was 2020 and scored the day win on task 3.

There were a total of 5 tasks flown with a very close finish and only 68 points separating the first 3 places!
Final results: open-class
Congratulations to the Sport Class winners with Tim Delaney in 1st and our Gecko Guys Ken Millard in 2nd and Doug Hale in 3rd.
Final results: sport-class

Congratulations to all involved, there is a lot of effort that goes into organising and hosting an event like this.


2021 Wilotree Park Nationals

Back to Back competitions at Paradise Airsports for the 2021 Wilotree Park Nationals

After a rainy start the competition offered some great racing days.
It was way cool to see Tyler and Derreck take 2 of the 4 day wins at this comp!
Congratulations again to Zac Majors - USA 1st, Tyler Borradaile - Canada 2nd and Robin Hamilton - USA 3rd
Sport Class has a new winner with Leonardo Ortiz - Colombia - taking 1st place flying his Litesport 4. Leonardo has been flying for only 3 years and is one to watch! 🚀
Final results: open-class
Final results: sport-class


Free Intro Hang Gliding Sessions

Moyes have proudly collaborated with NSWHPA, Tony Armstrong from Hangglide Oz, Tony Barton from Air-Sports  and an incredible number of volunteers to bring this  initiative to life.  Together we showcased hang gliding through a series of free introductory sessions within a 250 km radius around Sydney. As Molly Moyes says “Getting back to how it all started”!

Over 4 weekends we toured the countryside, broke out the Malibu’s and introduced 78 people to the amazing sport of hang gliding.

I cannot thank all the volunteers enough for all their support of these great events and the CFI’s Tony Armstrong and Tony Barton for their excellent training skills.

We really showcased our sport in a fun and safe environment with the expert guidance of so many wonderful and experienced pilots who shared their passion for the sport.

Some fun statistics:
  • Across all 4 locations we had a total of 78 people fly
  • Almost 40% were Women
  • 35 Volunteers supported the CFI’s and shared their passion for flying
  • 990,000 Total Volunteer Step count : )
Thank you: Matthew Te Hira, Louie Cain, Greg Cain, Michael Free, Akihiro Takeno, Peter Burkitt, Rick Martin, Paul Stuart, Jason Lannstrom, Bruce Wynne, Brett Freebody, Brad Porter, Phil Robinson, Mark Wallace, Trent Brown, Geoff Robertson, Gerry Mason, Yasuhiro Noma, Rafael Masters, Alan Taylor, Hossain Tefali, Trent Brown, John Harriott, Rob Van Der Klooster, Rob Larkin, John Dingle, Matthew Tynan, Glen Selmes, Jamie Orschot, Harry Daniels, Cameron Evans, Dustan Hansen, Rod Moore, Carl Syddall, Mark Newland.
Keep an eye out for further initiatives at:


Dalby Big Air 2021

A nail biting finish to the final day of the Dalby Big Air 2021!
Jonny Durand took the win by just 6 points! 🥇
With Scott Barrett in second place 🥈 ahead of Rohan Taylor in 3rd 🥉
Jonny was flying his Moyes Litespeed RX 3.5 Pro as his RX 4 Pro has been in Europe since last year and was hopeful of a Pre-World Championships.
Sport Class was won by Scott Ireland in 1st with a close 2nd by newcomer Brent Marley and Peter Garrone in 3rd.
A great Aussie roll up with 33 pilots in the Open Class and 7 pilots in the Sport Class
Big Congratulations to the Dalby Club in particular Bruce and Annie Crerar x
Final results: open class
Final results: sports class


Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung in the Northern hemisphere and it’s the perfect time to get your glider ready for the summer.

We are offering a 10% spring special discount on all replacement bottom wires for all of Moyes’s current models.

Get in quick and order through your dealer or head over to our store to get your order in before 31st May, 2021

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