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Any helmet can be used for hang gliding - there are no Canadian laws saying WHAT helmet you can use....just that you have to wear one.  Some would say that helmets from other sports are more protective but the thing to remember with hang gliding is that you are flying prone for hours on end at times and all that weight can weigh heavy on your weight is a big factor.

Also, full-face BMX helmets or motorcross helmets have a restrictive field-of-view while flying.  We strongly recommend against using those as it is no responsible to restrict your view while soaring with other pilots.

Open vs Full-face...Full-face are great for protecting your face/ much are your teeth worth?  How much do you trust your landing skills?  Some pilots believe a full-face helmet can break your neck in a hard, face-first landing (the chin-guard rotates your head down).  Open-face allow you to see the two-stage release better as well as monitoring the rope while step-towing

Visor vs no-Visor...some like no visor to hear the wind/thermals.  Some like to stay warmer while behind a visor.  Some like the idea of not wearing sunglasses and use a tinted visor - some pilots have broken their noses on mild whack landings where their helmet has pushed their sunglasses through the bridge of their nose.  Some pilots need a tinted visor because they have prescription glasses.

Tail or no Tail...tails protect the back of your neck in case of a "power whack" (where the nose of the glider hits you in the back of the neck in a really bad landing.  Tails also are a bit more aerodynamic.  Some feel the tails get in the way of looking up (especially while paragliding)

Lots of choices...Not all of the models/colours are all listed here.  For complete lineups see these links.  Ask for a quote!

• Predator • IcaroCharlyLubin

A note:  None of the Lubin Helmets are EN966 Certified.  That is a European hang gliding helmet certification that doesn't apply in North America.  You are not allowed to use non-EN966 certified helmets in Cat1 sanctioned events