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Insurance & Minors

Insurance is a touchy subject.  If you have made it here to this page, you have some concerns or serious questions.  Our waiver is rather blunt and to the point but to be very clear, there is absolutely no insurance coverage for you against personal injury whatsoever.  By participating, you waive all that ability.

The only insurance we have is for Third Parties (ie non-participants) to cover those around us, mainly our land owners that graciously let us use their property.

To ease passengers' minds about risk of getting hurt, you need to remember that you are going up with a trained and certified tandem pilot - we all have families and full-time careers outside of this hang gliding to go home to.  We are right there with you and are at equal (if not more) risk of getting injured since you are laying up on our backs! 

If you wish to read our waiver, you can find a copy of our waiver is here.  We do need to get you to sign (and witness) one out onsite so, feel free to print it off if you wish but please save signing it for when you arrive.

Taking Minors (under the age of 18)

This is where things get a bit more tricky....Canadian law prohibits you, as parent or guardian, from signing away a minor's rights.  So you can't simply sign a waiver on their behalf and be done with it.  Our 3rd party liability insurance DOES cover them as well but there is still the issue of signing the waiver.

We have a separate agreement that you and your minor will have to read and sign. - you can find our Indemnification Letter (for minors) is here

At least one of their parents needs to be PRESENT at the flight (no guardians-only) and they have to read and sign it as well.  It's a very serious document that they need to understand so it is important that you make sure that they are mature enough to understand the process.  It actually transfers 100% of the legal liability, claims and associated costs to the PARENT present should any claims come the parents need to read and understand it as well.

Once again, if we, the pilots, had any serious safety concerns or risk of litigious action coming forth, we would have no interest in taking anyone up for a flight but this is Canadian law and it is similar when you take your child to any activity (skiing, SkyZone, etc).