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Vortex Battery - LiFePO4

Instinct Windsports

Vortex Battery - LiFePO4

$ 2,095.00 CAD

This is a custom manufactured battery to meet our specific power requirements.  We opted for LiFePO4 over LiIon as they are more robust since we are sometimes towing in a harsh environment.

LiIon batteries tend to blow up into an inferno if the battery cells are compromised.  Here is an example of ONE cell of a LiIon battery exploding...our batteries have about 100 of those in it!   LiFePO4 batteries don't explode like this if compromised....they still need some attention to keep them safe and you should also carry a fire extinguisher with you when towing.

The battery includes a charger.

The bigger the battery you get (the Amp Hour (Ah) rating), the more tows you will get in a single charge.  For tandem towing with the Vortex a 75Ah battery is required in order to get the continuous output required to attain the higher tension and higher speed tows the tandem tow demands.

Shipping the battery requires it being sent by boat (from China) so can take some time...our first one took 4 months to be manufactured and shipped.  With the global supply-chain shortage we cannot guarantee how long will it take or the final shipping costs.   As an option, we can ship the battery direct to you from the manufacturer to cut down on the wait time and the cost.  This will require you to be responsible for customs fees and any additional freight and warehousing fees once the battery lands in your country.

The cost listed here includes a battery charger.

You are welcome to source your own battery - we can provide you the proper specs required once you confirm your Vortex winch purchase.

The bigger the battery (Ah) you get, the more tows per charge you will get.  Our estimation on our tandem battery (75Ah) battery is at least 80 solo tows.  The 40Ah option is the smallest capacity that achieves suitable continuous output for solo tows.

Inventory levels shown below show what we have in stock combined with what is on order.  See ETA dates in the Capacity Variant selector.  Prices are escalating....act fast!  Contact us to arrange paying a deposit to reserve one.

Current Inventory Levels

**if stock of zero is shown and you can still add the item to you cart, you can place the order and we will advise on a delivery time

  • 75Ah 200A (tandem) - ETA May 1/22 - 1 in Stock
  • 40Ah 120A (Solo) - ETA May 1/22 - 4 in Stock
  • 75Ah 200A (tandem) - ETA Jun 1/22 - 0 in Stock
  • 40Ah 120A (Solo) - ETA Jun 1/22 - 0 in Stock

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