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2021 Training is now Starting!

Our new Online Discovery Course is now ready!

Summer is finally approaching.  COVID is beginning to be under-control.  Vaccines are finally coming.  And soon our fields will be accessible for new students.

To get started, we have a new Online Discovery Course to inform and prepare any keen new students.  It is a mandatory first step for anyone new to the sport and a great refresher for anyone getting back into the sport after previously trying the sport.

Please see our Courses page for a complete list of our training program and for our COVID policy.  Once we get some new recruits into the course, we will be following up with some Zoom calls to get to know each other and answer questions.  We also may do an in-person school-yard orientation session for those that get through the course to get some bonus hands-on experience with the glider to prepare for your flying adventure!

The best way to message/contact us is through our FaceBook Page

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