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Tandem Landing Gear in stock again!

Back by popular demand!!!

We were poked and prodded to get some of our tandem landing gear made up so we did!  Five sets are up for grabs and these are literally HALF the price of WW landing gear....and equal to or higher quality (if we do say so ourselves!!)

A touch unique with our stronger and simpler downtube support.

Always improving...the only things we changed on this batch was we did not put the holes in the sides fo the forks.  It didn't save much weight and holes only INCREASE why would we do that!  :)

We also added some brass bushings in the wheel stems.  We have had hundreds, maybe a thousand, flights on our first set and there is ZERO signs of wear....and we launch and land our tandems in some fairly rough crop fields.  However, it was a concern by a customer of ours so we figured we would improve them on this batch!

Snap them up before they are gone!


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