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We're Expanding - Instinct West!

We are happy to announce that Instinct Windsports is partnering up with my long-time flying buddy Tyler Borradaile to represent us in Western Canada to promote, sell and service Moyes line of world champion hang gliders, harnesses and accessories.

Tyler recently switched to flying Moyes Litespeed RX glider this January while he attended the Forbes Flatlands competition in Australia.  Due to the big air and high level of competitors it brings, this event is considered the biggest competition in the World outside of the World Championships.  On Tyler's first ever task on the Litespeed RX, he placed first on that day and ended up with an impressive 7th place overall finish.  This will propel Tyler's Ranking to his highest ever, 35th in the World, making him the only Canadian pilot to break the top-100 in the past decade.  Tyler is heading back to the Dalby Big Air competition in Australia (April) to meet up with his new RX waiting for him.

Instinct Windsports will be handling pricing and ordering logistics and Tyler will be handling the importing and receiving of the gliders as well as performing dealer duties such as glider recommendations and test flying new gliders.

A bit about Tyler's (and Mark's) history:
As a second-generation hang glider pilot, Tyler started hang gliding at the age of 3-years-old as a tandem passenger of his dad George.  By 13 he was flying solo off of the training hill.  Mark met Tyler in 1994 shortly after moving out to BC.  We were both young punks - Tyler being much more of a punk!  The local/regional competition scene was at it's prime then and at first we were rivals flying against each other.  I don't recall really hanging out or getting along with Tyler much until he somehow convinced me in 1999 at the last minute to go to this new comp at this new flying site called Valle de Bravo in Mexico - Valle is now a World-renowned hang gliding destination.  I think that was the start of our friendship as we have many stories to tell about that adventure!
Tyler took a bit of hiatus from hang gliding to "grow-up", with not much success in that he claims but is now back at it hard!  He's been to all of the major North American competitions including the Quest meets (FL), Americus (GA), Dinosaur (CO), Sandia (NM), Oregon and is a three-time Canadian National Champion.  His international comps include Mexico and, most recently, the major Australian comps (Dalby Big Air 2016) and the 2017 Forbes Flatlands.  Watch out for him in the upcoming World Championships
Welcome to the Instinct Team Tyler!
Approximate glider prices can be found on our website 
Contact Tyler for more here

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