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More info on the new Woody Valley Libero

Thanks to Jim Gibson, I already have a Libero harness in my possession.  I would LOVE to fly with it but I am sure Jim is keen on getting his hands on it.  Jim ordered the harness two weeks after it was announced and it was in my hands 4 weeks after that!  I snapped a bunch of pics today before I get it out to him.

I LOVE WoodyValley - their harnesses are top-notch - they better be since all they do is make harnesses!  They are dominant in the paragliding world for harnesses and have shared their craftsmanship, methods and now innovative materials with their latest hang gliding harnesses.  The new materials first showed with the Tenax4 competition harness a few years back and now with their new Libero light-weight harness that was just released about a month ago.

WoodyValley has always been amazing with answering dealer questions super fast and I have always been impressed with their fast lead times on these custom hang gliding harnesses.  I don't think I have ever had a slower delivery than 8 weeks from submitting the order to receiving it half a world away! 

The only thing they have lacked on is some more pictures and information on their hang gliding harnesses....updating their hang gliding products on their website seems to slip down their priority list.  I hope to help them with getting a bit more info out with these pictures I snapped of the Libero because they don't even have the Libero on their site at all!  They aren't the greatest pics but we are in the middle of winter here in Canada so they are the best I can do on such short notice.

Who would I say this harness is for??  It is similar in design to their Flex2...I think they will keep both as the Flex2's material is Cordura which is a bit more durable than the Libero's.  I would still recommend the Flex2 for a new student as their first harness as they may be a little rough on their landings for some time or for those that are often on rocky mountain launches.  I want a Libero myself just for the sleekness, the cool material and how light and small it is.  Check out the size comparison with my Matrix (full backplate though)!!


If you do a lot of airline travel and/or aerotowing at airstrips this would be an ideal recreation harness for you.  Just look how clean the back is compared any other non-back-plated harness on the market.  The close fit keeps any cold air from blowing down your back.  Prices are also comparable, if not better than similar entry level pod harnesses on the market and likely quicker delivery times.  If students get either a Flex2 or a Libero, they are less likely to even want (or need) a single-suspension harness anytime soon - they are just that streamlined!

Here are the pics:

Cool stripes, six colour options
Cool stripes that come in seven colour options
Super clean, hidden, enclosed main zipper.  And the chest zipper has a nice velcro tab to attach to your chest for ease of grabbing and so the rope doesn't flap around while you fly.
Side mounted internal parachute.  Grey payout winch towing loop shown as well as the zip up toggle.
Super-clean shoulder straps
Clean chest.  Four towing loops standard that all tuck away into invisible pockets.  Hook knife is optional (no charge) and needs to be requested upon order.  Single external chest buckle so it isn't laying on your chest
A new super-soft, ultra-suede inside material that is against your chest.  It makes you want to fly shirtless!
Pitch adjustment cleat (not mentioned in their feature list)
Ample storage inside for glider bags
Camelback hydration pouch inside (not mentioned in their features)
Upper slider tube (right) making it easy to get upright for landing.  Left one as well to support your lower body
Drogue chute pocket and handle.  Standard feature (not mentioned in their features)
Durable unique boot material.  This material is what is used on the Tenax4
The "toe nail" is securely fastened with velcro and can be removed/replaced easily
Camera pocket with bungie on left side above an in-flight accessible storage compartment...super clean.  There is also another externally accessible pocket for storage (glider pads?) but would be out of reach in flight.
The ENTIRE outer skin is velcroed on so it can be removed and replaced by the user.  I wish I had this on my personal Matrix that is 15 years old now.  It is still in great condition but could use a sprucing up!  This is similar to their Tenax4 as well.


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