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AltAir Universal Pod


AltAir Universal Pod


Each pod consists of two parts: universal pod body and interchangeable cover. 

Got a new instrument or have two different ones? No need to buy second pod, just a new cover.  Got some rare or handmade instrument? You can even print a cover on a 3D printer.

The pod with covers for Flytec 6030, Oudie4 and Digifly AIR is available right now. Other covers are open for preorder (we designed a pod with Flymaster Live, Volirium (Flytec Connect1) and 6” smartphone in mind).

Additional info:

  • Material of the pod and covers: fiberglass
  • Weight - aprox. 260 gr;

Current Inventory Levels

**if stock of zero is shown and you can still add the item to you cart, you can place the order and we will advise on a delivery time

  • 6030/IQ Comp - -3 in Stock
  • Digifly Air - -3 in Stock
  • Oudie4 - -1 in Stock
  • Flymaster - 0 in Stock
  • Volarium/Connect - 0 in Stock
  • SmartPhone (174mm max) - 0 in Stock
  • eReader/Tablet (174mm max height) - 0 in Stock
  • SmartPhone + 10000mAh battery - 0 in Stock
  • SmartPhone + 10000mAh battery + BT vario + ASI - 0 in Stock

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