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AltAir Dual Pod v2


AltAir Dual Pod v2


Dual Pod v2 for 6030 or Digifly AIR, room for MI powerbank (not included) and phone. Charging  cable included, no powerbank inside.  Fiberglass (see the "Carbon" model for the Carbon Dual Pod).

Max phone dimension for the 6030 model: 165x77mm

Max phone dimension for the Digifly model: 174x77mm

The "Power" models have a 10000mAh battery installed to charge your phone with front mounted buttons to activate the powerbank.

The "AltAir" models include the BT Vario and ASI (Airspeed Indictor/Pitot Tube).  They don't stock these so if you order that be prepared for a 2 month production time.

When you order, please add to the order notes

  • what flight computer you have
  • if ordering with the Power Pack added, not which type of connector your phone has (Apple Lightening, USB-C or Micro-USB)
  • if ordering the Aquaprint, indicate which number of finish you would like (see pictures)
  • if you have an existing basetube mount, state what thread it is so we can match it.  If you are ordering a basetube mount with your order, it will be M8

Current Inventory Levels

**if stock of zero is shown and you can still add the item to you cart, you can place the order and we will advise on a delivery time

  • Standard / Standard Black - 0 in Stock
  • Standard / Aquaprint (Carbon Look) - 0 in Stock
  • Standard / Real Carbon Fiber - 0 in Stock
  • + Power / Standard Black - 0 in Stock
  • + Power / Aquaprint (Carbon Look) - 0 in Stock
  • + Power / Real Carbon Fiber - 0 in Stock
  • + Power + BT Vario / Standard Black - 0 in Stock
  • + Power + BT Vario / Aquaprint (Carbon Look) - 0 in Stock
  • + Power + BT Vario / Real Carbon Fiber - 0 in Stock

    Ask a Question
    • Hi Mark do you have any "dual pod power ll " in sock

      Sorry, we don't stock them since there are so many configurations and now color options.

      We'd be happy to order you a custom one though!!

    • Do you recommend mounting on a downtube or basetube?

      It is our opininion that if you are interested in a instrument pod, you are a performance flyer and should have your harness pitched down and needing to see your instrument when flying fast.  For this reason, you should have your instruments mounted on your basetube at this stage in your flying.  This is the reason we do not offer any instrument mounts for your downtubes (of any sort), we only make them for all basetube models out there.

      Altair does make a solution - they have a universal one for streamlined downtubes and another one for round downtubes.  We can order those in for you if you wish to go that route.

    • What basetube mount do you recommend?

      We didn't like the other options on the market so we made our own in-house!  We have pretty much all the options for all the basetubes out there on the market - both the carbon basetubes and the aluminum ones!

      The 3D printed ones out there have been reported to break.  I tried one myself and it was VERY loose and slid around on my basetube in flight - ours are a super snug, secure fit.

      The machined aluminum ones out there weren't available for all the basetube options out there so we went to the trouble of making ours for all models.

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