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Basetube Skids

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Basetube Skids


Copying the simple little accessories that WillsWing has for their gliders - a signature of their attention to detail!  They already have these little basetube skids that protect their basetubes from getting all scratched up.  All carbon basetubes are too much of a work of art not to protect and the black anodized aluminum ones are nicer when they aren't scratched up either!

Another little item to protect your gear!  It all adds up to higher re-sale values when you go to upgrade your glider.  These are all 3D printed skids - we usually just print them as orders are placed so don't let lack of stock deter you from ordering one.

The Moyes FAST ones even snap on so you don't have to disassemble the corner brackets to install.  And none of the models wrap around to the top of of the basetube so they won't conflict with VG cords or cleats.


Moyes FAST Aluminum - ready now

Moyes Carbon - ready now

Icaro Carbon - ready now

Aeros Carbon - ready now

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