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Beginner Certification Course

Instinct Windsports

Beginner Certification Course


The second step in your certification (after a Discovery Course). This course will give you a good foundation of flying skills, both on the glider and on the ground, and ensure hang gliding is a sport you would like to pursue.

It includes additional ground-school (theory), course outline, skills progression, flight training sessions and the HPAC Beginner (H1) rating (additional airtime and flying skills may be required). We work with you to progressively and comfortably build your flying judgment and skills so that you can confidently enjoy the sport of hang gliding for yourself.

This course includes training sessions where you get airborne solo on our training glider and get towed using our low-and-slow scooter-winch training system. You usually get 2-4 sessions (weather and progress dependent) and includes 20 flights. These flights are anywhere from 30-60 seconds in duration where you fly clear across our training field (as much as a few football fields long).

When you are finished this course, we (you and your instructors) evaluate your skills progression and aptitude and together decide if continuing on with your training is suitable for all of us.

Course Info:

  • Training Sessions: 2-4
  • Ground Handling: Unlimited
  • Theory Sessions: Beginner
  • Text Book: No
  • Rating Test and Administration: Included
  • Use of Equipment: Included
  • Approx Flights: 20
  • Time Limit: 2 wks
  • Prerequisite: Discovery Course

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Ask a Question
  • will I be permitted to come and rent equipment to fly anytime after completing this course?

    We try to have some rental gear available for graaduates but most work on getting their own equipment once they are done with the training.  It gives you much more freedom to go when and where you want - a big attraction to our sport

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