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Various Litespeed parts

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Litespeed RX3.5 Sail - not many hours on this beauty.  A retired factory pilot sail.  It is CodeZero in amazing condition.  100s of hours left on it.

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  • S4, Litesport4 carbon outboard leading edges with carbon sprogs - 2 in Stock
  • FAST basetube - 0 in Stock
  • RX 3.5 CodeZero Sail White TiOxide, Grey/Green/Lime - 1 in Stock
  • Outboard Carbon Dive Sticks S5 (pair) - 2 in Stock
  • Inboard Carbon Dive Sticks S4 (pair) - 2 in Stock
  • S4 Crossbars (pair) - 4 in Stock
  • Litesport4 Aluminum Leading edge - 0 in Stock
  • Outboard Carbon Dive Sticks S4 (pair) - 0 in Stock

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    • Hello Moyes Litespeed S5 Mylar sail is ok for Moyes Litespeed 5?

      It will fit fine but will require some minor battens alterations as well, likely in length and possibly a different camber.  If so, I would certainly recommend getting an S5 batten chart ($25) as well.

      I would be happy to split the cost of shipping with you. If you still have interest.

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