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Predator DH6-X Air EN966 HG / PG helmet


Predator DH6-X Air EN966 HG / PG helmet




DH6-X Air is EN966 (Air sports) certified.  The X-Air and the Xe are EN1078 certified (bicycle, skateboard and roller skate). The shell is made of pre-preg carbon fibre cloth that his heat-cured under pressure for optimal strength and light weight.

The visor is spherical so viewing is optically correct while the operation of the visor is smooth, precise, tight to shell, and won’t require any tools to change.  It has interior anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

The large front vent prevents visor fogging and the rear oriented ear slots allow for hearing.

The impact liner is EPS foam that has a PC edge cap for added wear protection. The mesh comfort liner is removable for washing or inspection.

Includes one BLACK visor PLUS your choice of ONE of these visors (light transmittance in brackets).  It's best to select from what visors are in stock.  Extra charges or delays will apply to get you a visor that is not in stock.

  • Clear (90.70%)
  • Amber (55.6%)
  • Colour Mirror (21.1%)
  • Silver Mirror (8.4%)
  • Black Tint (3.8%)

To choose your free 2nd visor, add your choice here.  It will be free when you check out.

Comes with 3 thickness of cheek pads for a snug fit. The chinstrap features a quick release buckle


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    • What sizes are there?

      It is a one-size fits all package.  The range of head circumferences that are supported are 56cm to 61cm.  It includes a tonne of pads to use and shift around to get a perfect fit.

      I got one for myself...and out of the box it didn't fit me so I was concerned but it didn't take much to shift the pads around for a really GREAT fit for me.

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