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Predator DH6-X Visor


Predator DH6-X Visor


The Predator DH6-X Series Visors are extremely tough while offering outstanding optical clarity. Anti-fog and anti-stratch coatings.  The numbers in brackets are the "Light Transmittance" rating.

This item will be free (one unit only) when you purchase a new Predator helmet on the same order - the discount is applied when you checkout.  It's best to select from what visors are in stock - extra charges or delays will apply to get you a visor that is not in stock.

Current Inventory Levels

**if stock of zero is shown and you can still add the item to you cart, you can place the order and we will advise on a delivery time

  • Black Tint (3.8%) - 4 in Stock
  • Silver Mirror (8.4%) - 0 in Stock
  • Colour Mirror (21.1%) - 1 in Stock
  • Gold Mirror (21.1%) - 2 in Stock
  • Amber (55.6%) - 2 in Stock
  • Clear (90.70%) - 1 in Stock

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