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Mark Dowsett Awarded Senior Instructor Status

We are honoured to toot our own horn and mention that HPAC (or national association) has awarded Instinct's very own, Mark Dowsett with the designation of Senior Instructor.

For those that may not know, that Senior Instructor designation is an honourary rating that allows the Instructor to certify/re-certify other pilots to become/stay certified instructors.  It is an honour but a big responsibility to put together a training course to ensure new candidates become good instructors.  It's obviously important as that is the only way we can make our sport grow.

Mark became a hang gliding instructor in 2009 after moving to Ontario, back to where he first learned to hang glide in 1993.  He no longer had enough time to travel and compete as he was and wanted to tackle the dilemma of the local hang gliding scene diminishing fast.  In 2010 he partnered with Ryan Wood to form Instinct Windsports and since then the local scene of active, certified, independent pilots has sky-rocketed and the two local hang gliding clubs now need more tow pilots to get all the pilots up more often.

So now Mark is faced with the task of devising his own Instructor's course to help grow our local instructor base - the next hurdle to overcome to help grow our local pilot base even more!

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