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My Sport3 finally safe at home!

The happy news...I finally got my new Sport3 home!  I was denied at the gate leaving Mexico back in February as apparently I didn't get authorization to take it on the plane early enough.  This was my first glider shipment from WW MX so it took some time to figure out the best and most cost effective way to get gliders up here.

The sad news...time to sell it. I just have too many gliders!

So if you want to save about $1500 on a nice new Sport3-155 that is barely broken in and have it NOW for the prime flying season - this is the glider for you!  

I wrote about it and my trip on this blog post and you can find out more about this Sport3 here (with more pictures)

Mark flying it in Valle in Feb 2023.

Many thanks to Rudy for going the extra mile to get it up to me.

I test flew it aerotowing back home here last weekend.  I must say it was probably the easiest glider to aerotow.  I voiced some concerns with aerotowing the very first Sport3s when they first came out (and was chastised for making those claims) - I never made those claims publicly due to the reaction I got.  I found they had negative pitch-pressure while on tow.  That is NOT the case now so I don't know what they have possibly changed but IMHO this WW MX Sport3 is way better than the original ones I flew - I flew 3 different ones and experienced the same issues while aerotowing those one.  WillsWing Mexico is doing an amazing job.

This is a very sweet flying glider.  I scratched out 45min in a very late tow on the weekend as seen much fun....sooo easy to land.

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