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Updates to our Selfie Camera Booms!

We have now been making these unique selfie sticks for about 11 years now!  We started making them for our own use as we wanted a stable camera boom to attach to our tandem glider to capture our customers' experience the best we possibly could.

Our images caught on so we made specific basetube mounts for most hang glider manufacturers' basetubes - round or airfoil.  Since then, we have sent out over 200 camera booms all over the World!

Here is a cool example of a recent image captured out in BC Canada

These new 360-cameras (Insta360 or GoPro) take the selfie-stick out of the image all on its own to capture our amazing experiences. 

The camera booms continue to evolve...we now make them with twist-lock telescoping poles to make it easier to adjust the length...whether you are doing it to adjust the angle you capture or just for easy packing up with your gear.  They are only available at the moment for the 360-camera options.

See here to order the boom and here for your choice of specific basetube mount


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