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Training Courses

We now have an on-line Discovery Course ready for new students to enroll as the first step to taking lessons - see link below.  From the results of that course we will recruit students into our Beginner Course.

For 2024 - as of March 2024 we are still unsure if and when we are able to provide flight training.  This is due to flight facility access and for personal reasons.  Training is a part-time endeavour for us so when we agree to take on new students, we make sure we are ready and available to follow through with our commitments to you.

The online course (Step-1 below) is always available to take at your leisure.  It is very informative and educational and make enjoy taking it with no intention of actual flying.

Here is a list of Instinct Windsports Training Courses.  They are designed to split up the training process into what we deem 'proper' slices to introduce hang gliding to prospective long-term pilots in a manner that doesn't allow the student to "bite off more than they can chew" and opt-out of continuing at each step without losing out financially.

Our courses are required to be done in succession, each one is a pre-requisite to start the next.  Costs are cumulative. 

In Summary:

Step 1:  Online Discovery Course - Now an online, self-paced informational course designed to educate on the current state of the local hang gliding industry, basic aerodynamics, safety practices and explanation of our training process.  Price is $99

Step 2:  Beginner Course - get flying!  A rather short, rewarding course that you can tell your friends you went hang gliding SOLO!  As well as theoretical training pertinent to the flying you will do in this course as well as educating on what is ahead.  This can be accomplished in a week or two (weather cooperating) - some even finish the flying portion in a weekend (weather rarely allows this).  You do need to first take our Discovery Course/Session.  Price is $495

Step 3:  Full Certification Course - for the SERIOUS pilot that wants to become a self-sufficient pilot.  All gear is included in all of our courses but grads need their own gear after this course.  Planning and commitment for that is recommended as progress can happen fast!  The above mentioned Beginner Course is required to complete before taking this course.  Price is $1,895

** prices for the three courses above.  Total for all three courses adds up to $2,489

For details on the above courses, click on the titles above 

If you are just looking for a quick-flying-fix lesson to try hang gliding, we recommend you join us for our Introductory Tandem Flight Lesson

Why Choose Instinct Windsports for training?

  • we have the widest range of training around - solo, tandem, winch-towing, aero-tow training
  • the only school that integrates with our local clubs to ensure you get flying independently once graduated
  • the only school to offer aero-tow training - which is the only way to get serious air-time in Ontario
  • we have the highest number of graduates that are sticking with the sport in the community
  • we use only modern gliders for training
  • we schedule training sessions separate from our tandems so you are focused on when out training
  • our instructors can fly any glider out there - from beginner to competition level gliders of all weight ranges as well as both flex-wing and rigid-wing gliders
  • modern teaching practices - online training and testing, interactive electronic progress reports, webinars, social media integration
  • we have the best pricing for training with as high (or higher) output

Why to NOT choose Instinct Windsports?

  • we are NOT a full-time school.  We have careers outside of the school.  So our availability is sometimes limited.   Most productive training happens at dawn and sunset anyways and we often find time to be out weekday evenings when the weather is suitable for training.  Saturdays is our main training day.
  • having said that, we still have the most success turning out certified, independent pilots at a higher level than our local competitors....

We do have a few other training options for existing pilots migrating to our training facilities.  For all those options, please see here