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AltAir SmartPhone Pod - turn your phone into a Flight Computer


AltAir SmartPhone Pod - turn your phone into a Flight Computer

$ 179.00 CAD
New racing pod for smartphones is now available!
Made especially for users of #XCSoar, #XCTrack, #LK8000 and AltAIR programs.
The Racing Pod provides:
  1. Use of almost any smartphone up to 5,5” screen (max phone size 83x154 mm)
  2. Built-in 10000 mAh powerbank to keep smartphone charged all day 
  3. Possibility to change batteries (3x18650 type Li-Ion cells are used)
  4. Possibility to use any upright/speedbar mounts including Flytec/Brauniger
  5. Possibility to use smartphone power and volume buttons
  6. Possibility to use external Bluetooth sensor like #BlueFlyVario or #AltAIR 
  7. The use of #AltAIR sensor from Evgen Lysenko and AltAIR android app also adds a possibility to use hardware keys for in-flight control, Pitot tube for measuring airspeed, live tracking, leader chasing and many other cool features (the program itself is available for free)

We are only stocking black.  Custom orders of white or carbon-look will take about 4 weeks to order in

Three models to choose from:
  1. The Racing Pod (shell only)
  2. The Racing Pod POWER with powerbank board, batteries and charging cable
  3. The Racing Pod AltAIR with powerbank, control keys and #AltAIR Bluetooth sensor with Pitot tube

These pods are made of fibreglass (not carbon fibre).  The makers have stipulated that they are hand made and are refining their craft.  They have said the finish on them isn't of perfection...  :)

No basetube mount is included in the cost.  There is the option of bolting them to your existing velcro mount or buying one of their Quick Pin 3D printed basetube mounts.

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    • Any idea when you'll get these in stock? Thanks!

      There are too many color, battery and configuration options these days....for that reason, we just custom order them in.  They are all hand-made to the customer's desires.

    • Does this pod work with XCTRack ? or XCSoar ?

      Are you asking if the buttons can control the functions in those applications on your Android phone?  Please reply to me at

    • AltAir SmartPhone Pod (power) I'm interested on this pod. I like to know if it's made also for Iphone 10R.

      It can be ordered to have the Apple cable.

      And the 10R should fit just fine in the space provided.

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