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Instinct Windsports

Towing Bridle (UHMWPE/Spectra)

$ 20.00 CAD

Spliced 2mm UHMWPE/Spectra tow line bridle.  Properly locked eye-splice making it impossible to slip apart.  Order the length you like...for a single "Pro-tow" line, many like it as short as 2'.  For aerotowing from the keel, it is common to have a 8-10' one for the long one and a 2'-5' for the short one. 

You choose!  We make them as you order them so we  will always have stock.  Color will be whatever tow line we currently have in stock.

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  • 2' - -10 in Stock
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  • 4' - 0 in Stock
  • 5' - 0 in Stock
  • 8' - 0 in Stock
  • 10' - 0 in Stock

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