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Bluetooth Cell/Intercom Headset for Hang Gliding Helmets v2 USB-C

Instinct Windsports

Bluetooth Cell/Intercom Headset for Hang Gliding Helmets v2 USB-C

$ 89.00 CAD

Ideal for skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, water & air sports!

Read how we use them at Instinct for hang gliding instruction, towing and XC flying with friends.

For crystal-clear two-way communication!  Slim speakers fit in any helmet.   Boom mic is easy to mount and works in both open-faced and full-face helmets.  

Electronic noise-cancelling mic eliminates all wind noise (and winch noise) so you can have crystal-clear, open-mic two-way communication with your winch operator (ideal for step-towing), instructor or other pilot.

We are putting these in all of our school training helmets so we can just plug a controller unit into them and use with any of our students.  It immensely increases communication and makes our training more productive and we also make these mandatory for step-towing as two-way, open-mic communication is vastly improved.

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