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Icaro Laminar



From when the LAMINAR first appeared in 1994, it has undergone many changes.
Today, all modifications are tested by three world champions: Manfred Ruhmer, Christian Ciech (current world champion), and Alex Ploner.
Icaro 2000’s competition hang gliders have obtained DHV certification, including the full optional version with the same regulations as flown by our pilots during an entire season’s competition.
The introduction of the new wingtips has further increased aspect ratio, giving the glider even better performance at speeds in the middle-lower parts of the speed range.
The higher aspect ratio, obtained by means of a different distribution of the chord along the span, has made it possible to increase wing loading. This means better handling, better performance, and above all, greater flying pleasure.
In addition, the new chord distribution along the span has increased the proportion of sail area at the extremities. This has further improved both lateral and longitudinal stability.

New features

The most important new features of our top-of-the-range hang glider are the new circular-section crossbar, along with a new central H-block and the new joints linking crossbar and wing spar.
Developed in order to reduce the weight of the structure, they have also contributed to greater rigidity and strength.
The new aerofoil profile is also very important. It improves efficiency when climbing in thermals, and during intermediate glides. It therefore offers the pilot benefits in all flight situations. It enhances pilot confidence, and ensures safety in turbulence.
The new layout of the carbon fibre used for the battens yields excellent finish and reduces fragility of these components. This improves reliability.
The new wingtips have given the glider an innovative look with their elliptic design, and they offer important benefits in terms of glide performance and rate of climb in thermals, by virtue of the reduction in induced drag that they provide.
The sprogs and tips (also in carbon fibre) have a new conformation as regards their carbon components. They are larger, stronger and more rigid. They improve the smoothness of the upper and lower sail surfaces, by means of new terminal parts in Ergal, machined from solid alloy.
All this has enabled us to achieve excellent results, in terms of weight reduction, an increase in rigidity and strength, and in terms of stability.
The new certification values for the Laminar are the best proof:
Laminar 14.1
Internal sprog:    Laminar Z9 5.75°     Laminar 3.6°
External sprog:    Laminar Z9 9.30°     Laminar 8.35°


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