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Vortex Handheld Controller

Instinct Windsports

Vortex Handheld Controller

$ 200.00 CAD

The key to making the Vortex unique (compared to other(PG-only) eWinches on the market) and why it is SMART is our digital controller.  It will allow all aspects of the winch operation to be automated with manual over-rides.  It has required substantial development done in-house at Instinct by our electronics engineer.  Not other winch out there has this and is also the foundation for future features.  We may only allow our winches to go out to new stationary winch operators with the Digital controller as it will greatly assist in winch operating.

We will have two other options for those experienced winch operators that opt for much more limited/basic controls and no automation and most importantly NO ability to limit the max torque the winch ha to offer during a tow.  Over-tensioning a pilot is the biggest safety risk in stationary winch towing.

The Basic Analog version is a testing box that we get with our base motor controller.  It has basic switches and dials to adjust tension/current, direction of rotation of the drum and amount of brake.  There is no ability whatsoever to limit the upper power of the winch.

The Custom Analog version - is just a re-housing of the above controller in an ergonomic box and also the ability to limit the max-power of the winch to set percentages of max power.  This is a nice feature if you are switching between teaching and experienced pilots or between paragliders and hang gliders.  It REDUCES the ability to over-tension a pilot.

The Custom Digital controller is the reason you should be considering only the Vortex as an eWinch solution.  It will house SMARTs of the SmartWinch including, WiFi, Bluetooth LoRan, ethernet, memory for logging, connection to rpm and direction sensor, connection to rope guillotine.  This allows us to automate all aspects of towing and the ability to have some presets for various forms of towing, various types of aircraft (PG & HG) and even the ability to have per-pilot towing profiles.  It will also allow us to automate step-towing in the near future.

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