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Instinct's main line of harnesses is WoodyValley's.  They are the ONLY hang gliding harness manufacture that makes a COMPLETE line of harnesses - including trainer harnesses (Cabrio), tandem double-decker harness (ask us), entry level pods (Flex2, Libero) as well as racing pods (Cosmic & Tenax4).  We believe they bring the best value on the market.  They are made in Italy so you can expect beautiful craftsmanship - even their entry level pod harnesses (the Flex2 and light-weight Libero) are more streamlined than the other manufactures higher end harnesses.  Cost of shipping WoodyValley harnesses are included in the below mentioned prices.
Mark has personally flown with a Moyes Matrix Race since 2005 and still believes it is the best harness money can buy.  They have a unique hands-free pitch adjustment system that uses less hardware - so there is less wear on the rope and less work to adjust at will.  I find it hard to believe no one else has copied it after all these years.
Rotor has now authorized us to sell their Premium line of racing harnesses.  Amazing quality from an amazing family - this is all they do so you can expect incredible quality!
Here is a reprint of a great article from Ryan Voight talking about single-suspension harnesses vs multi-suspension harnesses.