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LIBERO is conceived to satisfy all pilots looking for an easy-to-use hang-gliding harness.

It is suitable for absolute beginners, occasional pilots and even top pilots who wish to have fun flights without spending time adjusting their top-of-the-line competition harness.

LIBERO is light, compact and ideal for an easy take-off and landing. It has no stiff back components, just four small pipes to spread the weight evenly on the pilot and a few 4 mm aramid Kevlar lines.  The main hang strap slides along the support pipes, helping the pilot into the ideal position for landing stall.

LIBERO is constructed just like our Tenax 4: the main frame including the webbing and the rescue parachute compartments are separated from the outer skin that is attached with Velcro and therefore it is very easy to clean, repair or even replace.

In order to reduce the overall weight, LIBERO is made of solely light fabric (that we have been using for our paragliding harnesses) and no heavier material such as Cordura. The rear part in reinforced Lycra gives LIBERO a slick look, it improves its fit and offers extra storage space thanks to its elastic back pocket.

The main karabiner in 3000 KN Titanal helps limit the overall weight to only 4kg/9lbs (medium size including rucksack).

The rescue parachute tie rope is sewn directly onto the shoulder area of the main frame, just like it happens on our Tenax 4. This system has already been thoroughly tried and tested in real emergency situations and when the pilot deploys the rescue parachute s/he gets pulled upwards and the ground impact is considerably absorbed by the glider.

It has already passed all the DHV certification tests (120 Kg at 9 G).


  • replaceable outer skin
  • spreader bars
  • Camelback hydration bladder pocket
  • manual pitch adjustment cleat
  • drogue chute pocket included
  • removable toe-nail boot protector
  • aerotow loops included
  • payout winch tow loops close to hips
  • optional stationary winch tow loops under armpits (+40 EUR)
  • dedicated radio pocket


As of late 2021, WoodyValley has a new sizing chart specifically for the Libero harnesses.  We recommend taking height measurements with your flying shoes on and wear light clothing for hip/chest size.  Measure THREE times.  Err on getting it a touch big as nothing ruins a flight more than a pinching harness.  The imperial measurements are for reference only - WoodyValley uses metric for their measurements so for the most accurate measurements, try to use metric.

Shoulder Height Metric Imperial
Size 1 128-134cm 50-52"
Size 2 135-140cm 53-55"
Size 3 141-146cm 56-57"
Size 4 147-152cm 58-60"
Size 5 153-158cm 61-62"
Size 6 159-165cm 63-65"
Size 7 166-171cm 66-68"
Hip & Chest Size  (measure both, use largest)
Medium Up to 100cm up to 39"
Large 101-105cm 40-41"
XLarge 106-111cm 42-43"
2XLarge 112-116cm 44-46"
3XLarge 117-121cm 47-48"
4XLarge 122-127cm  49-50"


Libero is all BLACK apart from the side stripes that can be made in one of the following colours (just add a note to your order when checking out as to what colour you would like):  

To add a Drogue Chute to your order add this

The order form can be downloaded here and must be filled in and emailed to upon ordering.  The stock shown below should be accurate.  Contact us to see what colours are in stock.

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    Ask a Question
    • Do I need anything special to install my parachute in it?

      The harness will come with a parachute deployment handle...but you do need a side-mounted deployment bag.  Moyes Conars' d-bags work well and are packed properly for side-mounted parachute containers.  If you currently have a front-mounted chute, you will need this special d-bag.

      We recommend a smaller chute for side-mounted harnesses - this means Moyes Conars, HighEnergy Quantums or the LARA Gold models.

    • I am unsure about packing my parachute in the harness, what can I do?

      You could send us your chute when you order the harness and we can pack it into the harness for you when we receive it.  Keep in mind that there is no certification for hang glider parachute rigging in North America so we aren't certified to do it (but no one is).  We do have lots of experience tho! And we do sell parachutes from all manufactures (WillsWing LARAs, Moyes/Metamorphosi Conar, HighEnergy Quantums and WoodyValley).

    • Can you ship the harness directly from WoodyValley to me?

      No.  WoodyValley expects your dealer to take delivery of the harness before sending it out to the owner.  They respect their dealer channel.

    • How long do they take to arrive?

      Typically about 6 weeks from the time we place the order with WoodyValley.  They have been great with providing accurate completion dates once we place the order and most times, they are faster than that estimated time.  They take about 4 days to arrive here once they leave Italy.

      Our first one just arrived!  4 weeks after ordering it.

    • How much will it cost to ship to me?

      Shipping will be calculated when you order online and check out.  It is based on the weight of your order and your address.  I personally hate wasting money on shipping costs so we try to keep that down.  We have built in the cost of shipping from Italy to us in the cost of this harness but if we have multiple harnesses coming at once, it will save on everyone's shipping costs.  If there is savings, trust us that we will refund you a proper portion once we receive the harness from Italy.

    • do yo have a manual with pics? i like to read the manual it can tell you a lot about the harness. can you show me pics of the leg straps? leg straps are important to me because they add a lot of comfort when launching and landing

      No Manual yet but I received our first Libero today.  You can see more info here:

      Please keep in touch if you are interested in ordering one.  This one only took 4 weeks to get in from Italy from the day I ordered it.

      If you have more questions, I can answer them quick now that I have one....but it is heading out the door soon to it's new owner.

    • 183 cm including shoes. Chest width 110 cm. Hip width 108 cm. What size of WV Libero?

      I would also need the height from the tops of your shoulders to the group d to correctly determine your size.

      There is an order form at

      On it there are some instructions for taking proper measurements.  It is ideal if you fill that out and email me that entire form for me to ensure the measurements needed are provided and that a proper size is ordered for you.

      Feel free to email it directly to me at

      I received our first Libero today.  You can see more info here:

      Please keep in touch if you are interested in ordering one.  This one only took 4 weeks to get in from Italy from the day I ordered it.

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