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Inside Reinforcement for Moyes FAST Airfoil Aluminum Basetube

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Inside Reinforcement for Moyes FAST Airfoil Aluminum Basetube

$ 30.00 CAD

It is great that the Moyes FAST airfoil aluminum basetube is the lowest profile basetube out there....but I have seen a few pilots have solid plastic basetube wheels (Whoosh, etc) that have dented/kinked/broke their basetube after a very minor rough landing where their basetube strikes the ground, even after a nice crisp flare where there should be zero damage.

These 7" reinforcements slip into your basetube with room for the backup actually makes installing the corner brackets easier as it holds the backup wire in place!

All FAST owners should have a pair of these (sold in pairs) if you have wheels installed on your will regret it when you have to buy a new basebar...

When installing, the tapered end goes inboard.  They are tapered to reduce the chance of the basebar kinking where the reinforcement ends.  If your baseball ends up kinking there, you hit HARD and no reinforement would have saved your baseball then!  :)

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    • Are these sold in sets of 2 or is it necessary to order 2

      They come as a pair

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