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Vortex SmartWinch

We are ready to announce this exciting project we have been working on all this season - we are manufacturingt he first commercially-available all-ELECTRIC hang gliding stationary winch!


We feel it could be quite revolutionary in the industry.  The power is there to even tow tandem hang gliders.  The intelligence is there to automate the winch operator's job to make it easy for new winch operators to increase your flying communities number of flights.

AND, the foundation is there for us to implement remote-control winch operating - imagine being able to tow yourself up where you want, when you want....all with no need for crew to assist you!

The key feature is the torque-regulated just dial in the desired max tow tension and the winch moderates the speed the drum turns to automatically adjust to give the pilot a constant tow pressure, regardless of hitting a wind gust, thermals or sink while on tow.

It is also incredibly portable!  There are three components - the motor/drum, the controller box and the battery.  All are light enough that they can be taken in and out of an SUV trunk and mounted on your trailer hitch as desired.  No storing an entire trailer somewhere - take your winch home and go out to fly where the conditions are prime - rather than relying on a dedicated club site.

We will be taking pre-orders right away with hopes of spring 2022 delivery.  We have flight tested the prototype to our satisfaction but are making some alterations for the final configuration.  Prices aren't finalised yet but are working on some accurate ball-park figures.  As we add features and improve some components, the prices will only go up from what we have listed.