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Moyes News - March 2017

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the RX Pro with two exciting new options.

RX Pro:

The 2017 RX Pro sports a number of innovative undersurface refinements:

  • Fresh clean under surface with the new ‘Swoosh’ design
  • Batten Cut-outs which allows an altogether tighter sail span-wise without extra panel tension
  • Super clean tip area
  • Consistent bar pressure and feedback provides confidence at higher speeds
  • Less unwanted yaw and roll gives you the “glides on rails” effect

Introduction of a new option the Pro Edge Trailing Edge.
The Moyes Pro-Edge is a new high-tech laminate by Dimension Polyant and is now available as an option on the RX Pro.
Its random array of non-woven composite filaments provides a perfect combination of fibres suitable for the trailing edge.

Technically: A fully isotropic load response
Durability: Excellent abrasion resistance
Visually: A smooth, flat and sheet-like sharp trailing edge appearance
Performance: Improved high speed

pro edge

Introduction of a new option the Skylite undersurface.




Our new cool colour selector has been updated at


Our Moyes signature Rim and Core design has been incorporated into the Gecko mainsail adding further stability and durability to the Technora option.

We are also offering the Moyes Bird Asymmetric design under surface as an option and have it shown on a separate order form.

Other updates include:

The carbon dive struts are now standard on the Litesport to be in line with the Gecko.

Reintroduction of the Round speed bar with new foldable machined fittings for the Zoom frame.

We also have a new addition to our 4 oz Dacron sail colours, Blue is back!

I’m proud to state that we still manufacture 100% of our sails, gliders and harnesses in Australia.
We are equally proud that we produce what we believe to be a quality product.
And that we continue to contribute to evolve our sport, leading the way with research and development across the product range.

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